Thanks to a summer grant from Temple University, we began this project in May 2016.

We hope to keep it going indefinitely.

The idea is to provide raw information from musicians and music-related people. There are common trials and tribulations. We should learn from each other.

In a post-industrial world, when we outsource the manufacturing of most of our goods, our greatest natural resource is the creative spirit.

We need people who push boundaries, experiment with ideas and challenge us to move forward. We also need to be entertained. We want people who express the same kinds of things we are feeling and thinking about.

We want to find a connection to the world, and that can come through music and the arts.

If you have suggestions for us, or if you’d like to participate, click here to send us a note.

G.W Miller III
Associate professor, Temple University
Publisher of JUMP magazine

Original contributors:
Ben Blaustein
Maggie McHale
Ian Schobel
Mike Whalen
Michele Zipkin